Madness Retaliation Menu.

Madness Retaliation is a turn-based strategy game that uses AP (Action Point) mechanics. Fans of Fallout 1 and 2 will be familiar with the game-play.

Gameplay tipsEdit

In each battle, player tries to defeat all enemies as quickly as possible. Each of his characters has a limited amount of AP that are used to move and attack.

Moving horizontally, forward or backward, takes 1 AP per tile. Moving vertically needs no AP. If player has no more AP, he shall press the End Turn button. He'll to regain some AP but his enemies will have a chance to attack you. There is no "Level-up" System. Player´s HP, damage, AP, and other stats are determined by the armor and weapons. Some equipment has special abilities which are displayed in their description. Figuring out how best to use them, is entirely on you. Player cannot change his character's classes. He shall learn to optimize their use. Armor is subtle and relies partly on luck, but it can be invaluable in many situations. Certain enemies drop items which will help out in difficult battles. Player doesn't need to explore the entire facility... but it does help quite a bit. If player loses a man, the Higher Powers will resurrect him after you finish the battle. Assuming, of course, that he wins.