Sonny is a game series programmed in Adobe Flash which was created by Krin and sponsored by Armorgames.


On a ship named White November Louis revives someone. When he wakes up, he tells the being, addressing him as Sonny, that he is Sonny's friend and they need to leave the ship and that he will need a weapon. Sonny takes a broken metal pipe and follows Louis. Sonny finds that the ship is occupied by many undead. Louis teaches Sonny how to fight and they fight their way past them. They hear helicopters, Lois exclaimed that they are a rescue team, however they shoot Louis and try to attack Sonny, however Sonny manages to kill them. When he approached Louis, Louis is dying, Sonny addresses his lack of memory, but Louis, as he is dying, gives sonny a tape, and then dies. Sonny then takes a lifeboat away from the ship.


  • Krin - Programming
  • David Orr - Music
  • Andrew Dennis - Character Voicing